About Push

Kunshan is emerging as an important industrial and commercial city, located on the Yangtze River Delta, which not only attracts large-scale foreign investment by its superior location and opening-up awareness, but also promotes the rapid development of the foreign investment and private economy by its pioneering spirit forging ahead and good sense of service. Thus, foreign related and non-litigation legal affairs are rising and becoming prosperous gradually in the area, which creates broad prospect for the development of legal service. To promote the market of Kunshan and Suzhou district, and enhance the impact and brand awareness as well, approved by Jiangsu Provincial Justice Ministry, PUSHI established its first branch office: Shanghai Push (Kunshan) Law Firm ("PUSH (Kunshan)"), in July, 2012. The 7 full-time lawyers of PUSH (Kunshan) are all middle-aged lawyers who have acquired the Bachelor's degree or higher, with profound professional knowledge and extensive experience.

We are firmly convinced that the establishment of PUSH (Kunshan) will provide more excellent and prominent legal service for the citizen, enterprise and government of Kunshan.

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