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  • 近日,普世所合伙人王任佳律师应邀参加了《控辩风暴》上海市公诉人和律师电视辩论大赛第一季的比赛,就互联网造谣、传谣方面的真实刑事案件,与来自青浦区检察院的公诉人余莉展开激烈的刑事辩论。《控辩风暴》上海市公诉人和律师电视辩论大赛第一季由上海市人民检察院和上海市律师协会联合主办,法治天地频道承办——基于真实案例的刑事辩论,唇枪舌剑,越辩越明!您可点击此处进入精彩全程回顾!!!争议焦点:寻衅滋事罪《中华人民共和国刑法》第二百九十三条 【寻衅滋事罪】有下列寻衅滋事行为之一,破坏社会秩序的,处五年以下有期徒刑、拘役或者管制: (一)随意殴打他人,情节恶劣的; (二)追逐、拦截、辱骂、恐吓他人,情节恶劣的; (三)强拿硬要或者任意损毁、占用公私财物,情节严重的; (四)在公共场所起哄闹事,造成公共场所秩序严重混乱的。纠集他人多次实施前款行为,严重破坏社会秩序的,处五年以上十年以下有期徒刑,可以并处罚金。控辩双方余莉上海市青浦区检察院VS王任佳上海普世律师事务所来源 | 法治天地频道本期律师王任佳律师系普世所合伙人、市律协竞争与反垄断业务委员会委员,业务能力精湛,专业方向以民商事领域(含涉外)的争端解决和法律风险防控为主。其同时亦是知名辩论专业人士,长期担任高校辩论教练和参与各类国际、国内大型辩论赛事的组织、评审工作。      曾获:首届上海市四区公诉人与律师辩论赛一等奖、最佳辩手;首届上海市公诉人与律师团队辩论赛三等奖;第九届世界华语辩论锦标赛青年组冠军;第二届华东律师辩论赛团体三等奖。
    2020 - 01 - 20
  • SPEECH AT THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF PUSHI PARTNERSBy: Ma He Distinguished Dean of Pushi Partners, Mr. Li Xiangnong, my fellow colleagues, all our guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: Good afternoon, It is my great honor today to make a speech at the 10th anniversary of Pushi Partners. First of all, I would like to show my gratitude to the dean of Pushi Partners, Mr. Li Xiangnong. To a great extent, I join Pushi because of his charming personality. In my eyes, he is a great leader, who offers marvelous guidance to the law firm for its 10 years successful development. He is also a good friend, who really cares about your opinion and your feeling. I would like to say here “Thank you so much, Mr. Li”. Ladies and gentlemen, when we talk about Pushi Partners, are you aware of its mean...
    2018 - 10 - 25
  • PUSHI Career Day!On June 25 to June 29, 9 students from Fourth secondary schools of East China Normal University joined in the PUSHI Career Day (See yourself in the future) , one of the extracurricular activities of Fourth secondary schools of East China Normal University.After the early stage of the communication and planning, the practice teacher arranged for the students of diverse and rich practical course content, including the basic legal knowledge, mental health counseling, court trial audit, debate, movie view to discuss the law, etc.Shen Hualian, Sun Dongzhe, and Xu QIaoyue, attorneys of PUSHI, held this activity. PUSH
    2018 - 07 - 04
  • Xu Qiaoyue Lectures on Human Resources for Shanghai Key Tourism EnterprisesOn June 14, 2018, Xu Qiaoyue, Partner of PUSHI, was invited to hold a special lecture for human resources department of Shanghai key tourism enterprises (Chunshen). The lecture was introduced on legal affairs of outsourcing. PUSH
    2018 - 06 - 20
  • PUSHI Joined in Mimic Job Fair of Fourth secondary schools of East China Normal UniversityOn June 8, 2018, PUSHI joined in Mimic Job Fair held by Fourth secondary schools of East China Normal University.After submition and interviews 9 students got the offer to take an intern in PUSHI for a week by the and of June. PUSH
    2018 - 06 - 11
  • College Students from Hong Kong Visited PUSHIOn June 6, 2018, college students from Hong Kong visited PUSHI in Shanghai.Zhang Kui, Senior Partner of PUSHI, and Yin Zhe, attorney of PUSHI, gave them a brief introduce about Chinese legal system. Zhang also answered questions about ADR asked by these students. PUSH
    2018 - 06 - 07
  • Athletes Assemble!On May 18, 2018, Shanghai Amateur Badminton Tournament “Luliaohui Cup” was jointly held by Putuo District Federation of Industry and Commerce and Sports Bureau of Putuo District. Dong Meigen, Zhang Naiwei, and Wang Yi, lawyers of PUSHI took part in this competition. PUSH
    2018 - 05 - 22
  • PUSHI Joined in the 30th Anniversary of the Disabled People’s Republic of China as Co-organizerOn the afternoon of May 17, 2018, the Disabled People's Dederation of Putuo District held the "30th anniversary of the founding of the disabled People’s Republic of China". PUSHI joined in this anniversary as co-organizer. Zhou Xiaoying, Xu Li, Yan Junwei, Xu Yuling, and Li Ruijie took part in this performance as volunteers. PUSH
    2018 - 05 - 18
  • Pedestrian Scramble Sprawled in Shanghai with the Help of PUSHIA pedestrian scramble, also known as scramble intersection and scramble corner (Canada), 'X' Crossing (UK), diagonal crossing (US), exclusive pedestrian interval, or Barnes Dance, is a type of traffic signal movement that temporarily stops all vehicular traffic, thereby allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection in every direction, including diagonally, at the same time.It was first used in Canada and the United States in the late 1940s, but it later fell out of favor with traffic engineers there, as it was seen as prioritizing flow of pedestrians over flow of car traffic. Its benefits for pedestrian amenity and safety have led to new examples being installed in many countries in recent years. Now, it is widely used ...
    2018 - 05 - 18
  • Zhang Zheng Attended the 14th Chinese High-end Forum on Fiscal and Tax LawOn March 10, 2018, the 14th Chinese High-end Forum on Fiscal and Tax Law was held by Chinese Seminar of Fiscal and Tax Law and Shanghai Jiao Tong University Kaiyuan School of Law. Zhang Zheng, partner of PUSHI, attended this forum and his paper A Comparative Perspective on the Tax Policies of Non-profit Organizations has been collected in the conference proceedings. PUSH
    2018 - 03 - 15
  • Stories behind the Article 32 of the New Shanghai Hukou PolicyFor years, people living in Shanghai have had troubles when it comes to sale of second-hand houses, for the enforcement of Hukou movement was neither in the coverage of civil cases nor the police management. Fortunately, however, the Article 32 of the New Shanghai Hukou Policy established a Hukou movement and the removal of the original registrant will be permitted by housing sales contract and ownership certificate.  Li Xiangnong, director of PUSH, submitted the proposal related in the 2017 Shanghai People’s Congress on behalf of the Municipal People’s Representative, which has put forward the Hukou mechanism progress. PUSH▲  Reports and comments the special report on the National People's Congress in Shangha...
    2018 - 03 - 14
  • PUSH Lawyer Awarded Model of Shanghai Municipal Judicial AdministrationOn February 12, 2018, Shanghai Municipal Judicial Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security honored Li Xiangnong, director of PUSH, Model of Shanghai Municipal Judicial Administration. PUSH
    2018 - 02 - 13
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